Environment and Biodiversity

Big Data bring new possibilities for environmental sciences. From Policy Makers to Researchers and new technological advances, bigger and greater data variety is generated in scales never seen before. But how to manage and get insights from vast amount of data now available to them?


Financial Services

Until recently, financial institutions struggled to examined large pools of datasets especially considering the business of banking and financial management is rife with millions of transactions daily. Compliance, fraud detection, rogue trading, product packaging and many others could not be effectively done with traditional technologies. Now, Big Data can be leveraged just to achieve all these!



The proliferation of computers in the daily operation of healthcare providers is generating unprecedented volumes of data. Buried in the resulting databases may be answers to how to improve patient outcomes and hold down the cost of healthcare. Hospitals have been storing / collecting healthcare data for decades. Recent development in converting these to electronic database along with loads of researches and clinical studies globally have enriched the healthcare data. Together, this Big Data has increased liquidity which promises new threads of knowledge and can be analyzed to obtain insights.




Power & Utility

Thousands of equipment and very costly infrastructure has to be routinely replaced, maintained or upgraded in power distribution or generation business. Billions of dollars are spent each year. Consumers demand uninterrupted, continuous and stable power. New technology adoption in generation, distribution, management, monitoring and measurement of power consumption produces vast amount of data at high velocity. Smart metering also generates big semi-structured data at high speed. Big Data and Predictive Analytics is seen as the only solution for Power Companies!


Police & Homeland Security

Homeland Security and the Police are swimming in sensors and drowning in data. Police and Security Agencies have to process internal and Linked-Open-Data, intelligence data analysis will have to load and process terabytes of data daily in order to accurately identify a threat, establish crime pattern or even provide analytics on criminal network as well as predict crime hotspots. Traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are inherently handicapped to perform such tasks.



Tax agencies are faced with terrabytes of data from tax payers and employers. Electronic submission increased frauds and financial loss. Big Data software is used to sift through mounds of data and detect patterns that would indicate when a return is not valid or any other anomalies. Tax fraud detection program can compare tax return data with information from other agencies and private firms to spot patterns or anomalies that will be quickly flagged.


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